Proper Hot Tub Cleaning in Lake Stevens

Hot tub cleaningOnce your spa or hot tub installation is complete, follow these simple tips to keep it running at clean and healthy.

1. Start with Clean Water & Tub Interior

Before filling your hot tub with clean water, make sure all interior surfaces are clean and free of any kind of debris, algae or residues from previous use. Use a firm bristle brush if needed, and rinse and drain with clean water before filling.

2. Sanitize the Water

The most vital step in hot tub cleaning is sanitizing the water. Done with gradually dissolving chlorine or bromine-based chemical, often in tablet form. Some people prefer adding sanitizing agents made from silver ions and copper, but chlorine or bromine is still necessary. A good hot tub technician can provide advice about alternative spa and hot tub service methods.

3. Balance the Water

Balancing the Ph level in your Lake Stevens hot tub is also necessary. Using a litmus-style test strip to gauge sanitation and acid level, add small amounts of acid or base chemical until proper balance is attained.

4. Filter the Water

Your hot tub has filter cartridges that mechanically filter the water, and failing to clean or replace these at the proper intervals can result in expensive hot tub repair. A hot tub and spa expert can help you determine which filter type is best for your unit.

5. Maintain Proper Chemical Balance

Once you have your clean and chemically balanced hot tub heated and properly circulating, maintain proper chemical balance by regularly testing the water and adding the proper chemical adjustments.

Need Assistance with Hot Tub Cleaning in Lake Stevens?

If you need professional assistance with hot tub cleaning, contact the pros at Puget Sound Spas. You can also count on us for hot tub and spa service, repair, installation, and custom spa and hot tub decks and patio design and construction. We also provide custom component fabrication in our wood and metal hot tub repair and remanufacturing shop.

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