Questions to Ask Prior to Hot Tub Installation in Seattle

Puget Sound Area Spa and Hot Tub Installation - Puget Sound SpasAre you considering a hot tub installation for your home in Seattle, Washington? Deciding to add a hot tub on your property is a big deal and it requires significant planning and preparation. To ensure that the process is completed properly, you’ll need the help of a qualified hot tub technician. Here are several questions you should ask before proceeding with your installation.

How many years of experience do you have?

One of your first questions should be about experience. High quality results are more likely when your hot tub installation is completed by someone with significant experience in the industry.

When will the work be completed?

It’s always important to establish how long spa and hot tub service will take. In most cases, this information will be provided with the estimate. If it isn’t, request it in writing. Continue Reading →

Proper Hot Tub Cleaning in Lake Stevens

Hot tub cleaningOnce your spa or hot tub installation is complete, follow these simple tips to keep it running at clean and healthy.

1. Start with Clean Water & Tub Interior

Before filling your hot tub with clean water, make sure all interior surfaces are clean and free of any kind of debris, algae or residues from previous use. Use a firm bristle brush if needed, and rinse and drain with clean water before filling.

2. Sanitize the Water

The most vital step in hot tub cleaning is sanitizing the water. Done with gradually dissolving chlorine or bromine-based chemical, often in tablet form. Some people prefer adding sanitizing agents made from silver ions and copper, but chlorine or bromine is still necessary. A good hot tub technician can provide advice about alternative spa and hot tub service methods. Continue Reading →